Using Luxurious Marble Slabs in the GTA when Renovating and Your Insurance Policy

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Using Luxurious Marble Slabs in the GTA when Renovating and Your Insurance Policy

There is nothing that matches the beauty of luxurious marble slabs in the GTA when you renovate your GTA home. Marble is a distinct, elegant and absolutely beautiful addition to foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces and other areas of the home. Before you embark on your home renovation project with marble slabs, be sure to call your insurance company to ensure that your home is covered during and after the renovation.

Installing Marble Yourself

With the cost of labour often reaching half of the renovation cost, it’s tempting to get down there and install those marble tiles yourself. With the help of a class from a big box store, this may be possible. Be sure to let the instructor know that you’re installing marble tiles and ask about special challenges related to that stone.
Given the value of your marble tiles and the potential to raise the value of your home, consider hiring a professional. A high quality installation will ensure that the beauty and value of your luxurious marble slabs in the GTA are undiminished.
Installing larger marble slabs in your GTA home is more of a challenge. Marble is extremely heavy and takes many people to lift it into place. Keep in mind that marble is also a soft stone. If you bang it against the cabinetry or drop it on the floor, you risk damaging both the marble and the surface it hits. You could be spending thousands on repairs or even replacing the entire slab of marble if the job is botched. Given the unique beauty of each marble slab, you could search the GTA and not find a replacement that is identical to the one damaged.
Installing a marble countertop yourself may not even be an option. Many countertop creators will consider your warranty null and void if you don’t hire a professional to install the countertop. If you’re determined to install it yourself, check the warranty before purchase.

Renovating your GTA Home

Picking the right marble slabs for your project is just one of the steps you have to take while renovating your GTA home. You also need to call your insurance company since your insurance policy may not cover your renovations. It’s possible that you’ll need to make a temporary policy change, especially if you’ll be living outside of the house during the renovations. If the house is vacant, it will take longer for a backed up sewer or burst pipe to be noticed. It may also make your home a more tempting target for thieves.
Your contractor should be able to produce a Certificate of Insurance with your address on it. This certificate ensures that any workers on the site are covered by your contractor’s insurance.

Post Renovation

The luxury and elegance added by marble is undisputed. It adds to your home’s value, an important detail that should be included on your insurance policy. Call your insurer to update your policy after the renovations are completed on your GTA home. If you need to make a claim at a later date, you will want your marble slabs to be replaced, as well as any other damaged areas of your home.
It’s important to speak to your insurance agent before and after your home renovation. Your beautiful, luxurious marble slabs in the GTA can increase the value of your GTA home and you don’t want that increase to be offset by surprise expenses later.